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U.S. Visa Appointments

Are you traveling to the U.S.? Do you need a U.S. Visa? Canada-Immigration-Info offers you two ways to obtain a U.S. visa quickly.

Canada-Immigration-Info is powered by Immigroup: a private immigration firm that specializes in securing visa appointments with U.S. Consulates within Canada. Whether you are vacationing in the US, working temporarily, or going for business, our firm can help you to obtain a US visa appointment when you need it with the appropriate consulate.


Request for visa appointment by using our services

Our firm offers two services:

1. Regular appointment Requests

This service is for persons who are in no hurry to travel to the United States. You can request the regular service by:

  1. We will need the following information from you:
    • The city where you live (for example: Ottawa)
    • Reason for travel (business or pleasure)
    • Expected travel date
    • Passport number

  2. Filling out our online form  
    • Fill out the online application form
    • Fill out the online application form
    • Call after you submit your online US visa appointment request

Regular appointment requests are fulfilled within the timelines indicated below:

*All timelines are just an estimate and can change without notice.

2. Early U.S. Visa Appointment Requests

 If you need an early U.S. visa appointment please give us a call immediately.
We will need the following information from you:

    • The city of your residence (e.g. Toronto)
    • Reason for travel (business or pleasure)
    • Expected travel date
    • Passport number

Once your early or regular appointment has been obtained, we will provide with DS-156, 157 and158 forms to finish the visa application preparation.
Your personal appearance is required at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where your appointment has been scheduled.


A U.S. Visa can be hard to obtain. Therefore, knowing the procedure before you begin the process will put you ahead of most applicants.


1. For how long is a U.S. visitor visa valid?
This is up to the discretion of the officer who will be interviewing you. However, most visas are valid for 5 or 10 years.

2. Do I have to attend the interview?
You must attend the interview only if you are between the ages of 13 and 79. However, if you are applying at a Consulate that does not have jurisdiction over the area where you live, then everyone must be present.

3. Can I enter the U.S. with my PR Card?
No! Your PR Card is not a travel document. You must use your passport and, depending on your nationality, a visa to enter the U.S.

4. I’m in Canada as a visitor; can I apply for a visa at a US Consulate in Canada?
Ideally, you should apply in the country where you live. However, you are not prohibited from applying in Canada.

5. I’m in the U.S. and need to renew my visa. Can I do it in Canada?
Yes you can. In fact, it will probably be much easier than if you went back home to your country and applied there.