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If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or reside in Canada under a work permit or study permit and need to obtain a new Social Insurance Number (SIN).
The SIN is a document that is used to administer various programs. Most frequently, a SIN number is required when people have found employment, are applying for unemployment insurance, or are filing taxes. The Canadian SIN Card is given to every person who enters Canada on a legal status.


1. Does my Canadian SIN Card expire?
If you are a permanent resident or citizen, your SIN card has no expiration date. However, if you are a temporary resident (work permit or study permit holder) then your SIN number will have an expiration date.

2. What happens if my status in Canada changes to permanent resident?
If your status changes to a permanent resident, you will need to get a new SIN number. All the funds that were put into your old account will be transferred to your new account.

3. If I lost my SIN card, will I get a new number when I replace it?
No. You will keep your old Social Insurance Number.

4. When should I use my SIN?
The SIN card is a very private document. You should only present it when filing taxes, employment issues and for any other matters  associated with taxes. If any person asks for your SIN card, you should ask why they require it.


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