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Canada Vital statistics keeps a record of all births that occur within the country. These are organized by the province in which the birth took place. All births are registered with the Vital Statistics office of the province in which the birth took place.

All birth certificates issued in Canada are provincial. There is no such thing as a federal birth certificate. A birth certificate is issued to anyone who was born in Canada and had their birth registered. A birth certificate is one of the few documents that a person born in Canada can use to prove that he/she is a Canadian citizen.

The birth certificate is a document that acts as a primary identification document in Canada. This is used to obtain other forms of identification, obtaining a health insurance card, Canada social insurance number, admittance in school, obtaining a passport and more. Birth certificates should therefore be kept in a secure location, not in a wallet or purse.

There are generally two forms of Canada birth certificates. The short form, which lists the person’s name, date of birth, sex, and birth registration date and number, and the long form, which lists all the information in the short form along with the parents’ date of birth and place of birth.

Birth certificate application process varies from province to Province. Therefore it is important to know the details of the application process before you apply to avoid delays.

Please click on the province you require the birth certificate from:

Alberta birth certificate
British Columbia birth certificate
Manitoba birth certificate
New Brunswick birth certificate
Newfoundland and Labrador birth certificate
Northwest Territories birth certificate
Nova Scotia birth certificate
Nunavut birth certificate
Ontario birth certificate
Prince Edward Island birth certificate
Quebec birth certificate
Saskatchewan birth certificate
Yukon birth certificate


1. Can I travel with my Canadian birth certificate?
Until January 31st, 2008, you can only enter the US with your birth certificate if you travel by car. Almost every other nation will require that you have a valid passport when you travel.

2. There is a mistake on my birth certificate; how can I change it?
If there is a mistake on your birth certificate, you may have to have an amendment of birth in order to have it corrected.

3. Can I laminate the Canadian birth certificate?
No. If you laminate or alter your birth certificate it becomes invalid.

4. Does my birth certificate expire?
Your birth certificate does not have an expiration date. The certificate will remain valid as long as it is in a good, legible condition.

5. I got my Canadian birth certificate laminated back in the 70s, is it valid?
Yes. These birth certificates are the only laminated ones that are valid. However, someone who may not know this could ask you to get a new birth certificate.


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