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Let us fast-track your Canada citizenship card.

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Find out how to expedite your passport application.


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First or Renew UK passport kit.


Canada Immigration Info helps people who are looking for information on how to immigrate to Canada. Requests may be as simple as how to get a Canadian birth certificate or how to get a job in Canada to more complex issues like how to sponsor a family member. The information kits available on this site provide guidance for applicants, giving them access to important, up-to-date information, detailed instructions as well as listing the required supporting documents. Our instructions translate technical government information into layman's terms making applications simpler and faster.

All of Canada Immigration Info kits are reviewed by a licensed CSIC member and immigration professional to ensure that the information you receive is completely accurate. Our aim is to make it easy for each applicant to fill out the government immigration forms as well as providing peace of mind that all of the correct information is submitted. Above all, our service ensures that you save money by avoiding extravagant fees charged by consultants or lawyers for exactly the same service.

Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada? Do you have a family member who wants to immigrate to Canada? Our Do-It-Yourself Immigration kits enable you to apply for a relevant visa to live or work in Canada. Take a look at the following kits Skilled Worker; Family Class Sponsorship; Work Permit
Do you need to renew your PR card or Canadian passport? Have you lost your Citizenship card or birth certificate? Our kits will help you file the relevant application accurately and avoid any delay due to missing or incorrect information. If you need to make a speedy application our kits will inform you on how to expedite your request.
Are you traveling to the US? Do you need a US Visa? With our US visa appointment kit, we explain how to secure an appointment and how to fill out all of the necessary forms for B-1 and B-2 visas or a combination of the two. You will also receive valuable tips on how to increase your chances of being approved!
Are you getting married? This kit will guide you through the legal side of the marriage process in Canada or abroad. For Canadian citizens marrying a foreigner outside of Canada, the kit provides important information on how your spouse can immigrate to Canada.


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More funds for foreign worker program
Government has allotted $50.5 million for foreign worker services in Ontario and Atlantic Canada to help employers meet labour market needs. This will be used to reduce processing delays and to establish ways in which employer compliance with the terms and conditions of the program can be monitored. Some of the resources will be given to help address non-compliance.

New Class of Immigration introduced
Persons will be allowed to file for immigration under the new Canadian Experience Class. This stream of permanent residency will be available to temporary foreign workers and international students with Canadian degrees and relevant work experience. Persons in can apply from within Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s goal for 2008 is to admit between 10,000 and 12,000 new immigrants under the Canadian Experience class of immigration.

CIC increases funding for Immigrant-helping services in Toronto
The $30 million is to help provide newcomers to Canada more access to settlement services in the city. These services include communication training, translation and interpretation, referrals to community resources, and counseling. Newcomers can also look to the Foreign Credentials Referral Office for help in finding information needed to get foreign credentials assessed and recognized.

Immigrants Keep Canada?s Population Growth Alive
Canadian population is increasing due to new immigrants. 400, 000 Canadians were born between 2001 and 2006 but 1.2 million immigrants settled here in the same number of years. The 2006 census data placed Canada’s population at 31.6 million. The data shows that population rates have increased by 5.4% which was the highest among the G8 nations. Immigration is the main reason for Canada’s healthy growth.


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